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24 May, 10:00
Kia Oval
Join us at Geiger Green LIVE 2023 the UK’s largest event dedicated to sustainable promotional merchandise!
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Geiger Green Live is the largest event of its kind in the UK,

with the very best suppliers from across the world, gathering to showcase their latest promotional product ranges and sustainability initiatives.


Designed to help brand owners, marketing, procurement, HR and event professionals to see what’s new, demonstrate the products LIVE and to get informed about the exciting possibilities for eco incentives.

Last year was big...and award winning, this year will be even BIGGER!


More products, more ideas and more to learn about how to design sustainable marketing campaigns.


"Last year was amazing, I can't wait to see so many new eco merchandise ideas all under one roof!"

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Geiger is one of the foremost promotional merchandise distributors in the world, and we’re collaborating with our extensive international supply-chain to host an event dedicated to sustainable sourcing and eco marketing. As part of our commitment to the planet, the global community and our very own Sustainability Pledge, Geiger is taking the lead in promoting eco alternatives to conventional products.


Join us at this exclusive event on May 24th in London.


Hosting an event in an environmentally responsible way takes planning and consideration to minimise the impact of the event and maximise the effect of the knowledge being shared.


The Kia Oval is one of the UK’s leading eco-event venues, with sustainable energy sources, a comprehensive recycling policy and a location suited for easy use of public transport links. The Kia Oval shares our vision for sustainable marketing and using environment conscious alternatives for conventional methods. We hope you can join us at this amazing, iconic and inspiring venue for an event that will showcase the best products and lead by example.

Full details of the Kia Oval can be found here. 

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Join us at Geiger Green LIVE 2023 the UK’s largest event dedicated to sustainable promotional merchandise!




Wednesday 24th May 2023 (10am - 4pm). 

Arrive  early, grab some refreshments and meet our team to chat, discover some great products ideas or sit and listen to one of our amazing keynote speakers. 


Our supply partners will be bringing their latest 2023 ranges and showcasing development products too. 

This year our speakers include our partners at Ecologi, the Climate Positive experts! 


We're committed as a business and a community to reduce the environmental impact of our activities.


Below you can see how much CO2 we have reduced and the progress made in funding our own carbon neutral forest.

We’re sharing this information to inform and inspire our customers and colleague on the steps that we’re taking and the progress we’re making  toward our sustainability pledge goals.


Tonnes of CO2e Avoided


No. of Trees Planted

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