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The Geiger Pledge

Geiger are passionate about sustainability and are proud of our achievements to date but there is more work to do on this critical issue for our planet.


The purpose of our Sustainability Pledge is to clearly document: our sustainability strategy; objectives; requirements for products & packaging; and expectations for vendor and customer partnerships.

We hope that clarifying our position will help to: motivate and inspire our team; create more meaningful partnerships with vendors and customers; help ensure the achievement of shared goals and objectives.

Here’s a video of our Procurement Director, Steve Wickham explaining the fundamentals of our pledge.

Or download our full Pledge Strategy Document:

Also download our latest updates.


The 4 pillars of our pledge represent action and thought leadership in the following areas:

  • Product design

  • Packaging

  • Manufacturing

  • Operations

Product design will be characterised by considering:​​

  • Products derived from recycled; sustainable or naturally regenerative raw materials

  • Products of high quality with a high level of durability  (no single use or disposable items)

  • Products that are recyclable at end of life


Our packaging initiatives are committed to:

  • Limiting unnecessary use of plastic packaging

  • Including recycled content in all of our essential plastic packaging

  • Only putting recyclable or reusable or biodegradable plastic packaging on the market

  • Replace bubble wrap for delicate items with recycled shredded paper

  • Making sure that additional components and finishes don’t impact the recyclability of the packaging

  • Using Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified paper and card from our vendors

We will have greater focus on the manufacturing process including the following areas:​​​

  • Greater transparency in our supply chain to know the source of raw materials and location of production

  • Avoidance of hazardous Azo Dyes and SVHCs

  • Reduction of water usage through use of natural colours and organic materials

  • Avoidance of toxic processes such as electro plating and unnecessary production of carbon black

  • Promotion of locally manufactured products

  • Using water based and natural inks for printing

  • Careful production planning to increase efficiency, reduce waste and minimise pollution


In our internal Geiger operations, we are working to:​​​

  • Recycle or reuse 100% of unwanted samples

  • Monitor and track our energy and water usage to achieve a 10% year on year reduction

  • Install energy efficient lighting in our warehouse and office space

  • Ensure computer equipment and power supplies are turned off when not in use

  • Minimise use of chemicals for cleaning and production

  • Minimise noise and air pollution to the local environment from machinery and deliveries

  • Recording and reporting on weight of primary and secondary packaging for key customers

  • From Q1 2022, we started to track carbon footprint of all high value orders above £20k

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