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In a nutshell, Geiger Green Live is the largest event of its kind in the UK-

providing invited guests with a unique opportunity to see an exclusive range of promotional merchandise, recognised for its eco and sustainability credentials.

From apparel to drinkware, tech items to stationery, we have invited our supply chain to attend and showcase the best of what they have to offer. ONLY eco themed items are permitted to be showcased and as part of our new sustainability pledge we are urging all exhibitors and attendees to be as proactive as they can in taking steps (quite literally) to travel and attend the event with minimal impact on the environment.

If you're interested in how you can improve the impact of your business promotions whil
e reducing the impact on the planet, this event's for you!


The Event

GGL 2024 Logo

Event itinerary

Wednesday 15th May 2024

Here’s an overview of what's planned on the day!

This is a drop-in event so please arrive at your convenience. We recommend you need at least 2 hours to explore all the great sustainable ideas and initiatives on display! Refreshments will be available throughout the event.


Doors Open


Kay Heenan, Ocean Bottle


The environmental harm caused by plastic overuse and how we can tackle the problem at scale.









Event Closes

Our Speaker


Kay Heenan 

Kay started her career in advertising, before pivoting to impact-focussed startups during the Covid pandemic, as she became increasingly engaged with the climate movement. She studied her bachelor's at Warwick Business School, and subsequently took up further study on the Circular Economy at Cambridge Judge Business School. She now works as Key Account Manager for Ocean Bottle, an organisation that funds the collection of 11.4kg of ocean-bound plastic for every reusable water bottle sold. 

Talk Description:
Plastic, what was once-thought an amazing and useful product has become detrimental to ecological and human health, plastic pollution is as alarming as climate change. More plastic has been produced in the last ten years than in the entire 20th century, with no plans to slow down any time soon.

If we continue under a business-as-usual scenario, plastic in the ocean is expected to quadruple by 2040 from 2016 levels. Drastic action is needed to reduce our consumption of plastic and invest in circularity technology.

In this talk, Kay will outline the environmental harm caused by plastic overuse and what we need to do to tackle the problem at scale.

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