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In a nutshell, Geiger Green Live is the largest event of its kind in the UK-

providing invited guests with a unique opportunity to see an exclusive range of promotional merchandise, recognised for its eco and sustainability credentials.

From apparel to drinkware, tech items to stationery, we have invited our supply chain to attend and showcase the best of what they have to offer. ONLY eco themed items are permitted to be showcased and as part of our new sustainability pledge we are urging all exhibitors and attendees to be as proactive as they can in taking steps (quite literally) to travel and attend the event with minimal impact on the environment.

If you're interested in how you can improve the impact of your business promotions whil
e reducing the impact on the planet, this event's for you!


The Event

GGL 2024 Logo

Event itinerary

Wednesday 15th May 2024

Here’s an overview of what's planned on the day!

10 am
Doors Open

Product showcases throughout the day

10-11 am

Tea / Coffee & Pastries

11 am
Charli Adamson - Ecologi

How businesses can manage the impact of their activities by investing in projects that help replenishing the planets natural resources.

12 noon

Daniel Walters - EcoVadis

The Role of ESG in the Supply Chain -

Measuring Performance & Driving Impact

12.30-1.30 pm



Steve Wickham -

Procurement Director, Geiger

From sustainability pledge to progress –

tips for making transformative change.

4 pm


Here’s an interview with our Procurement Director Steve Wickham explaining the event:

During the event there will be opportunities to speak with the experts, test the products and learn more about our sustainability initiatives, designed to help brands use promotional merchandise more responsibly and benefit from using eco alternatives. 


Refreshments will be available throughout the day and all attendees will receive a goody bag / sample pack of eco incentives to try at home.

Our Speakers

Charli Adamson is an Account Executive at Ecologi, a B Corp certified climate action platform facilitating the funding of carbon avoidance projects and tree planting around the world. Through Ecologi, Charli works with businesses of all sizes to help them support real climate action, achieve sustainability goals and easily communicate their impact to customers, clients and colleagues.


Charli is also a co-founder of the Million Tree Pledge, a collective of SMEs which has funded over 10 million trees for planting since April 2021. 

Daniel Walters leads EcoVadis expansion operations in the UK, IE, Middle East and Africa across over 20 industry verticals. His focus is in particular with organisations with large and/or complex supply chains that want to leverage evidence-based sustainability ratings to drive measurable improvements on their impact on the environment, ethics and how people are treated, at scale.

Daniel has over a 15 year career helped businesses solve costly or complex problems that has provided him with the opportunity to become a trusted partner to deliver solutions ranging from Management Consultancy to SaaS platforms with incredible results. Perhaps a far cry from his studies for his Bachelors of Law degree. However, the key driver that led him to EcoVadis and supporting organisations with their supplier ESG ambitions, stems from hi
s passion for social justice and championing diversity in all walks of life and business.

Our very own Steve Wickham, Procurement Director at Geiger, will be hosting the keynote speaker sessions and will also be presenting updates on Geiger's sustainability pledge and the progress that's being made in improving our initiatives, including our recognition as a Platinum rated business by the renowned EcoVadis organisation.  

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