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What are the benefits of green marketing?

Updated: Mar 14, 2022

Our planet is facing a lot of threats such as air and water pollution, food waste, plastic pollution, and deforestation. Chemicals manufactured by factories can be found anywhere, and that is why many companies are taking steps to produce and promote their goods in a more environmentally friendly manner.

The level of ecological awareness among consumers is increasing, and customers are more eager than ever to work with and buy from companies who are seen to be taking steps to be more sustainable, green and eco.

There are many benefits to practising ‘green marketing’ here are just some of them

It can help businesses to:

  • stand out with a competitive point of differentiation

  • improve your credibility

  • enter a new audience segment

  • ensure long-term growth

  • implement new innovations

  • obtain a higher revenue from your products

What you say must also be backed up by what you do too, though. The Geiger Green Live event aims to build awareness of initiatives and solutions that can help our customers to act sustainably as well as promote sustainability. Here’s how:

> use products from made from sustainable material sources

> use products with less or no packaging

> use products that are decorated with non toxic inks or other processes

> use higher quality products that will be valued, kept and reused often

> use products that at the end of life can be disposed of without impacting or polluting the environments

> use local regional sources and minimise the impact of logistics

We are working hard with our suppliers, partners and customers to identify and develop eco alternative products and methods of production to reduce the impact of our activities on our environment and the global community, and to supply our customers with goods that continue to help promote their brands but with less impact on the planet.

If you’d like to find out more about what Geiger is doing to promote sustainable marketing, read our Geiger Pledge and register to join us at our FREE Geiger Green Live event on the 17th May.

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