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Simple and impactful carbon action.

We're committed as a business and a community to reduce the environmental impact of our activities.


Making small, but significant changes to how we act, what decisions we make and how we can influence others to collectively make a difference.


Geiger Green Live is just one of a number of initiatives that we have launched to help promote awareness of the eco alternative options available in our industry and to provide a platform for our customers and supply partners to meet and develop new ideas which endorse a movement towards more sustainable marketing.

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By partnering with Ecologi, our activities are measured and converted into sponsorship of a range of climate neutral activities - designed to aid the health of the planet.

Currently our funding is contributing to the planting of a Geiger forest and many projects including reducing methane emissions from landfill in Brazil and re-establishing rainforest in the Amazon.

Watch this short video to learn more about the work of our partner Ecologi.

Check out our progress to date:


Below you can see how much CO2 we have reduced and the progress made in funding our own carbon neutral forest.

We’re sharing this information to inform and inspire our customers and colleague in the steps that we’re taking and the progress we’re making towards our sustainability pledge goals.

To view our unique profile page and to learn more about Ecologi click on the button below. 

9,435 trees and 14 projects funded.

6 Months

of climate impact


tonnes of carbon reduction


trees in your forest

Geiger Ltd.'s badges

Keeping track of their climate contributions.

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3 months of

climate action

6 months of

climate action


trees funded

1 year of

climate action

A note on 'greenwashing'.


We understand that some sustainable initiatives are greeted with scepticism and suspicion. As a business we’re committed to making improvements and a contribution to minimise the impact of our business activities.

Our partnership with Ecologi is just one of a number of initiatives included in our comprehensive Sustainability Pledge. We will continue to monitor our progress towards our goals and seek new meaningful initiatives that can help improve how we operate, review the impact of our actions and make a bigger contribution to the health of our planet.

Geiger Ltd.'s impact visualised

549.06 tonnes of CO₂e is equivalent to one of the following.

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